Role Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Is Odysseus a Hero? In the epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus takes the respectful role of a hero. The argument over whether or not Odysseus is a hero relies on the way you would describe a hero in your own words. In my own words a hero is the man who would take his own life to save the lives of others. In ancient Greece, a hero was described as a person who would fight hard and die hard. Many people would describe Odysseus as a selfish and cocky person who didn’t really care about his crew and what they have gone through to help him. Though in my opinion, Odysseus and his men are all heroes because they all are fighting their hardest. Odysseus starts out with his act of heroism when he is fighting on troy with all of his men. Odysseus had a plan to get in and get out. “but on the spot I told them: ‘Back and quickly! Out to sea again!’”(657). Odysseus didn’t want his men to be taken over. He wanted to make sure that they would win the battle. “feasting—while fugitives went inland, running to call to arms the main force of Cicones”(657), Odysseus didn’t want his men to be taken away from him either he wanted to have the biggest strongest army so after this he would attempt to keep the army…show more content…
Circe lured the men in with her singing and her beautiful work on her loom. “’Dear friends, no need for stealth: here’s a young weaver singing a pretty song to set the air atingle on these lawns and paven courts. Goddess she is, or lady. Shall we greet her?’” (673). When Circe took control of the men by feeding them and giving them wine but “adding her own vile pinch, to make them lose desire or thought of our dear fatherland,” (674). Odysseus almost was defeated by the strong and powerful goddess Circe, but Hermes helped him out by giving him “a plant that will weaken Circe’s power.” (675) she met her match and agreed to let him go. Odysseus continued on his journey back to Ithaca with the small amount of crew he had

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