Nationalism in My Boy Jack

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12-0515 Jamme Margret N. Felizardo Civ Film Essay Dra. Camacho My Boy Jack: Nationalism How is nationalism shown in the movie and what is the writer’s take on it? Nationalism is the how the members act upon their nation and how they act in order to achieve and sustain self- determination. It is showing loyalty and devotion to one’s nation. It is the independent view on one’s culture and country. One the other hand, there is also patriotism which is the love for one country. George Orwell describes nationalism as the enemy of peace for he believes that nationalism shows that one’s individual belief that one country is superior to another. One the other hand, patriotism shows the love devoted for one country. Both nationalism and patriotism were shown in the movie. Nationalism was shown to the country through Rudyard Kipling and through his son Jack. Rudyard was one of the most influential men in his country. He would call men who were able to join the World War. On the other hand, there was his son, Jack. He was not qualified due to poor eyesight. Rudyard did not approve of it so he used his connections in order for Jack to have a position in the war. With this, we can see how dedicated Rudyard was to his country. He will risk his own son who had an impairment to join the war. Not only for his country’s sake but he wanted to make Jack feel the glory of war. With the word glory, it seems that Rudyard really felt his country’s superiority over the other countries. On the other hand, Jack also wanted to join. He even underwent military training and he struggled. He wanted to prove that he was capable of joining war without being distinguished with his father. For me, he did not wanted to be the influential father that he has but he really wanted to show love for his country. This shows patriotism. When Jack died from the Battle of Loos, Rudyard, his
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