Why Peter Wrote Such an Angry Letter

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After reading ”The letter of Peter the Great and His Son Alexis”, I have explained two reasons for why such an angry letter Peter wrote to his son Alexis and I shared my views on whether it was right think to do or not? Since peter has kept the Tsar tradition of building, improving and expanding the Russia’s territorial claim in his Thirty-six year reign was a tremendous effort and commitment from him (Text book; page 499) that he wants his son to follow his foot steps on keeping Tsar tradition and building Russia strong. In ancient histories, one thing is obvious to all his subjects that if the king dies, his son, the prince is recognizes as a new king which much of traditions follows. Furthermore, the king specially wanted his son to rule the country rather than transferring powers to some one else as a king. For instance in Peter’s letter, in short paragraph, he questioned Alexis about who will continue what he has begun and letting his son know about his potentials but rather he is hiding his talent beneath the earth. (peter’s letter; paragraph 10). This paragraph clearly shows that Peter desire was to press his son to lead the people of Tsar and its tradition. The second reason I believe that he wrote such an angry letter to his son was, because Alexis has no interest in war and politics. He lacked in knowledge in wars and responsibility of succeeding Russia as his son and as a loyal subject. In addition, Peter try to convince his son to learn art of war and leading country as an essential to Alexis so that people will look upon. In a letter Peter state that “You have no inclination to learn the art of war, you do not apply yourself to it and consequently you will never learn it”. In rest of the sentence he referred his brother and king of France as an successful leader that their subjects look upon. This statement clearly shows that Alexis was in no interest
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