Critical Lens Essay

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Critical Lens Essay In life there are many people who are hero’s .They aren’t born hero’s, but learn through lessons of life from various circumstances. Norman Mailer once said “For what does it mean to be a hero? It requires you to be prepared to deal with forces larger than yourself.” This quotation means that to be a hero you have to put your life on the line to help others. I agree with this quotation, as it holds true in life and in literature. Characters from “Hero of the Day”, written by Matt Gentry, teaches readers that everyone is not a hero at first but when something happens the heroism come out of a person. The novel “Hero of the Day” shows that you are not born a hero but you have a standard within your own life, of who you want to be known as. One way this author proves this point, is through the plot. Plot is the sequence of events in a literacy work. “Jack ran until he couldn’t feel the pain of the war, couldn’t feel the eyes of his platoon behind him.” Here in this line shows that at this point he was not a hero. He is a person who was scared for his own life. “No one had ever survived the camps and he had no idea what he was up against but he was determined to get his men back even if that meant certain and instant death.” Here it shows that he had put away his personal gain and became a hero. Another quote “The difficulty in life is the choice” by George Moore. This quote relates to this story because Jack had to make a difficult choice, he could have saved himself and be known as a coward or wrest his life to save his men and be known as a hero. As you can see, despite if his men were already dead Jack was going back to save his men. He was ready to give himself, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. When he got back to the prison camp he found a tent full of dismember bodies thinking it was his men until he read the tags. He came to
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