Theme Of Segregation In An Inspector Calls

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Essay 1912, a segregated society and a crumbly destruction of two classes, capitalism and socialism. This division caused a vast spread of poverty and unfortunate mishap throughout the city of Britain which interfered with the British lives. In 1940 after both World War 1 and 2, this poverty caused an inconvenience and the British required a change. So during this Edwardian set time, J.B. Priestly, a brave soldier who participated in the ww1 and a truly didactic playwright, had written a play called” An Inspector Calls” to express how this segregation has a huge effect on the society. This play is about a women¸ Eva smith, who has committed suicide after experiencing the pride and prejudice of a capitalist family, the Birlings. Here priestly…show more content…
It portrays a sense of secrecy, denial and ignorance but also a disbelief in children. Mr and Mrs. Birling have two children, Eric and Sheila. At the beginning of the plays there is an atmosphere of happiness and love due to Sheila’s engagement with her husband to be, Gerald. However this rapidly changes when Mr Birling gives advice to Eric and Gerald. Act one, “im talking too much. But you youngsters just remember what I said”. Here is an example of Birling referring to his children as “youngsters” which implies a direct lead to no respect and love. He is unaware that his children are no longer children which make him ignorant. There is less love in the family because there is no connection between them, no connection between father and son. Also in act one, Eric quite simply interrupts his father but his father retaliates with frustration and pride. “Yes, I know-but still-“……. “ just let me finish Eric, you’ve a lot to learn yet”. Because of Eric’s lack of manors, Mr. Birling uses his pride to belittle his son which is very upsetting for Eric and its not how a parent should treat their children. He should use love and instead of using criticism to teach his son and gain that father and son…show more content…
Sheila defends herself from Eric with “Don’t be an ass, Eric” and further along Eric teases Shiela with a quote-“Steady the buffs”. This some how offends the mother with the language they use and tells them to mind what they say. This shows that their mother doesn’t let them joke around often and it’s a bit sad on them to as they like teasing each other. This might have caused a loss of bondage between the two. Further along, in act 3, Sheila and Eric’s bond became more and more stronger as they backed each other up from their parents when the Birlings thought that everything is fine and sorted out because the inspector wasn’t a real police officer. Here Sheila expresses herself and that’s when we understand that they are thinking the same way. “That’s just what I feel, Eric.” That “just” emphasise in how alike the two minds are and the complete agitation they are feeling because of their parents “not understanding”. A page on wards, Shiela believes in her parent’s ignorance and says that no matter what we do, Eva is still dead and no money payback from Eric is going to change this. After hearing this, Eric immediately agrees with her and fights for and with his sister” and it doesn’t alter the fact that we helped to kill her”. Although very blunt words, he still understands what his sister is trying to get across and elaborates

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