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People battle inward struggles that take a toll on their every day lives. The act of repressing emotions often leads to the inability to express one’s feelings. Chinau Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart, illustrates the destruction of relationships if there is no compassion shown. Okonkwo’s lack of emotional expression/compassion is the main cause of Nwoye’s intention to join the Christians. The lack of emotional expression/compassion defines Okonkwo’s character. As shown in the beginning of the book, Okonkwo’s worst fear is to turn into his father. His father is an emotional man that has feminine characteristics and is languid. The example of his father leads Okonkwo to believe that feminine characteristics, such as love and compassion, lead to failure. Okonkwo strives for masculinity in order to be more successful than his father and to lead a life of achievement. Okonkwo’s inability to show compassion hinders his relationship with his son, Nwoye. Nwoye is the opposite of his father. He is very sensitive and has sympathy towards those around him, which disappoints his father. He seeks answers for unjust actions that occur in the culture. The main internal struggle between the two is that “Nwoye seeks for his father’s love and understanding, but Okonkwo is incapable of responding because he considers those emotions manly and effeminate” (Iyasere). This creates a problem due to his father putting achievement and success above everything else, including his own son. Okonkwo’s internal battles such as “his inability and refusal to balance his masculine and feminine virtues contribute to the destroyal of his relationship with Nwoye” (McLeish). Okonkwo’s incompetence to fulfill the emotional needs of Nwoye creates the pathway for the downward spiral of their relationship. The downward spiral of Okonkwo and Nwoye’s relationship is a result of past actions.

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