Things Fall Apart Masculinity Essay.

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An Obsession With Perfection The journey that Okonkwo takes in the novel goes from hero to villain. This downward journey is caused by many factors. The character Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart is obsessed with proving his masculinity, often by beating his wives and son. Okonkwo’s flaws lead to misery for himself, when he is unable to realize not every action must be a vigorous one. His family suffers when he takes his anger out on them for the simplest things just to prove he is a man. Other tribe members suffer when Okonkwo continues to let them down time after time. Okonkwo’s fear of turning into his father, changes him into a different person that hardly resembles his past characteristics of being a heroic, smart and wealthy warrior. Instead, he changes into a man that cannot respect himself and others. Okonkwo is a clan leader in Umuofia. He has a large family, yet is very stubborn and known for his violent personality. He becomes well known through all of the nine villages by throwing “The Cat” during a wrestling tournament. This makes Okonkwo very rich and famous, unlike his father. His father was very laid back and accomplished nothing in life and Okonkwo hated him for it. Okonkwo’s eldest son Nwoye is lazy and weak from an early age. Okonkwo’s fear of his father’s laziness rubbing off on his son Nwoye changes Okonkwo from hero to villain when he beats him to make himself more masculine. What he thinks is helping his family is actually causing pain. Okonkwo’s wives are often beaten for the simplest of things, sometimes even for not explaining to him where they have gone. Woman in Umofia are not treated as equals. Okonkwo treats them less than equals, more like animals. An example is when he almost kills his wife with his gun. Okonkwo does not even think twice about his

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