Summary Of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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No one wants to be seen as weak or a failure and be taken advantage of, that’s why people have their guards up. Things Fall Apart tells a story of a stubborn man (Okonkwo) responding to change. In Chinua Achebe’s book Things Fall Apart, he reveals Okonkwo’s fear of failure and of weakness. Okonkwo, with a deep insecurity of being like his father, known to be a poor, unsuccessful man and a failure in his society, gives his best to be successful and nothing else. Okonkwo passionately works hard to be at the top as a respected man (which he achieves) and the complete opposite of his disappointing father. Because Okonkwo fears being like his father, he “wash[es] his hands” therefore he “eat[s] with the kings” (pg 8). He does…show more content…
Even though, Okonkwo develops a fatherly love for Ikemefuna, he goes to Imekefuna's killing and stabs him to death only because he doesn't want to be viewed as weak. Okonkwo holds great admiration and love for his family in his heart which he never admits to. Although you see an exposed emotion of care from him that he never admits to when Okonkwo feels anxious after the priestess takes Enzima to the caves and Ekwefi follows. Achebe tells Okonkwo does not sleep at all, when Enzima is taken away because he “[feels] very anxious”, and “becomes gravely worried” (p 112) In conclusion, though Okonkwo has a softer side to him, he doesn’t let anyone to be exposed to that to protect himself. Okonkwo has one main rule in his life to not do or say anything that shows weakness or failure, which leads to him being very stubborn. This means that people sometimes act the way they do because they’re protecting themselves from others and their own criticism. Also, they’re trying not to make the same mistakes as others in their lives made (In Okonkwo’s case, his father being lazy and unsuccessful) so their loved ones won’t get
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