Things Fall Apart

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Daniel Arrants Things Fall Apart Draft English Honors Pr.6 Intolerance has negatively impacted people in today’s society as well as in the past. Things Fall Apart is written to follow the life of Okonkwo and his fall from greatness in his community. He has 3 wives, many crops, and is a strong warrior, all traits of a typical wealthy man in the Ibo Tribe. Okonwko’s main goal in life is to not gain the characteristics of his father, who was weak and considered a failure to those around him. He lives in a society where men rule, and it is hard for him to show love or affection towards his family. In this book Okonkwo’s character shows intolerance towards his father’s image, feminism, and the changes in his community. Okonkwo shows intolerance towards his father who was looked at as being weak. Unoka unlike Okonkwo, had no job and no money. He instead spent his time trying to bum money off other people in the village, well aware he would not be able to repay them. Okonkwo lives his whole life with the fear of becoming his father’s equal, so as a young man, he began building his status in the community by becoming a very strong and very great warrior. He is very hard working and doesn’t show signs of weakness to those around him. Okonkwo worked hard to gain his social status and is looked at as one of the leaders of his village. Unoka’s personality and way of living can be related to feminism, a trait that Okonkwo also shows narrow-mindedness towards. Okonkwo lives in a society run by men. He shows no emotional weaknesses, which is why it is hard for him to show affection towards his family. He views women as being weak and much like his father he does not tolerate weakness. During the Week of Peace Okonkwo beats his wife, Oljiugo, not wanting to show any sign of weakness. He is unhappy with the lack of progression being shown by women in the community. He after is

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