The Currency Delights Play Analysis

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Australian Playwrights use dramatic styles and techniques to reflect themes, issues and characters that are uniquely Australian Play writing from 1788 to 1960 in Australia used dramatic styles and techniques to reflect the issues and characters that were genuinely Australian during that time period. Plays such as “The Currency Lass” and “White With Wire Wheels” aimed to express these themes. The Currency Lass written by Edward Geoghegan, was first performed in 1844 at the Royal Victorian Theatre, it was the first Australian comedy in the Colonial Stage. The play is set in early Sydney Town, where colonial Australia was attempting to establish itself as an extension of English Society. A major theme of the play is the formation of an identity…show more content…
Older generations believed that their sons and grandsons should do the same as they did and go to war to protect their country. The values in the play explore society’s thoughts on Anzac Day, some characters (Alf) think it was heroic and deserves being honoured by having a celebration. Other characters (Hughie and Wacka) believe that the day is not honoured at all and that it is just an excuse for men to get drunk. Alf, Hughie’s father is a short-tempered, stubborn and uneducated man. Hughie is just as stubborn as his father and is very opinionated. Dot, Hughie’s mother is loyal to her family and avoids conflict as she doesn’t want her family to be torn apart over an argument. Wacka, Alf’s friend avoids conflict much like Dot however he secretly agrees with Hughie’s opinion on Anzac…show more content…
The Australian slang dialogue reflects the attitudes and culture of Australian society in the 1900’s, e.g. “you’ll work the oracle”. The play uses melodrama to exaggerate and express the stereotypical Australian e.g. constant backslaps and huge smiles and laughs. The play illustrates four characters, Bill, Doreen, Ginger and Rose. Bill and Doreen are very shy and much in love, Ginger and Rose are very outgoing and very friendly, Ginger’s love for Rose is unrequited as Rose loves

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