Who Is the True Hero of the Iliad

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Who is the true hero of the Iliad? In The Iliad, Hector reflects the characteristics of a true hero. Unlike Achilles, Hector shows more characteristics of a hero than just strength and fighting skills. Hector also showed humanity, honor, and loyalty. "All this weighs on my mind too, dear woman. But I would die of shame to face the men of Troy And the Trojan women trailing their long robes. If I would shrink from battle now, a coward." (Book 6, lines 523-525) This line shows a lot about Hectors character mainly his courage and loyalty. The second line from the quotation shows that Hector’s loyalty has no limit. Hector will die for his city before he lets his enemy win. This is something that Achilles wouldn’t do because he values himself more than the Greeks war with Troy, which you saw in book one of the Iliad. It also shows how much he values his honor over almost anything. The quote is from Hector to his wife before he goes into battle with Achilles. The importance to knowing this is he would rather fight, to keep his honor, and die than lose his honor and live. However, this is a characteristics you can see that both Hector and Achilles share. Lastly the line clearly shows his humanity. This shows that he doesn’t think that he is above his people just because he is a prince. Even though many people in the high class society were telling him to stay away and let your solders handle everything, he still went by himself to keep the people he love safe. In the Movie Troy it also shows Hector’s heroic characteristics. The whole scene before Hector and Achilles fight really separate the two men and show who the real hero is. That scene is where Hector is trying to make a deal that no matter who wins the loser’s side get to get their fighter back, so they can give the fighter a proper burial. Even though the deal seem fair to both sides, Achilles still says no.

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