Fate Is Determined By Personal Choice And High Power In The Odyssey

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In life fate is determined by personal choice and High power. In the odyssey by Homer Odysseus and Telemachus make choices that determine their life. Poseidon has bitterness toward Odysseus. “Yet all the gods have pitied lord Odysseus all but Poseidon raging cold and rough against the brave new king” (29). In Greek culture if a man wants to marry a woman You became a suitor for that woman and if anything goes wrong You must be willing to clash for the woman even if A the man is still not in love with her. Even more, the man is a suitor for life. “Odysseus had become a suitor for Helen” (Iliad). This has caused him to go off to war in Troy to fight for her. When you think too much of yourself you get more into yourself. “Odysseus decided
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