Iliad Essay

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“The Iliad” Q&A: 1. What is your impression of Achilles? I feel as if Achilles is very loyal to all the people associated in his life, especially his best friend Patroclus. Achilles’ loyalty to his best friend shows how much he actually cared about him once he was deceased due to his great sorrow in his weeping. Achilles also stated “if destiny like his awaits me, I shall rest when I have fallen” meaning he doesn’t care about whatever happens to him in the battle with Hector, but just as long as he shows his participation and grief. When Hector and Achilles faced each other he had great determination into killing his foe in spite of his best friend, twirling his shaft twice at Hector killing him. Achilles seems to be sensitive once Priam brings up his father, then his mood changes and sadness fills the room. Overall, Achilles seems to have much love between his companions. 2. In your opinion, does Achilles’ loyalty to his friend Patroclus justify the way he treats Hector? Yes, Achilles’ loyalty to his friend Patroclus justifies the way he treats Hector because once he struck Hector through the neck, he asked him if he thought he could kill Patroclus and be safe. Right after that conversation they had Achilles tells Hector that the dogs and kites will rip his body, while Patroclus will lie in honor during his funeral. Achilles tells Hector he will have no bed of death, nor will he be laid out and mourned by her who gave him birth, basically showing his incredible hate for Hector doing this heinous crime to his best friend. 3. How would you describe the relationship between Achilles and Priam? The relationship between Achilles and Priam would be best described as mutual. Priam seems to bring up Achilles’ father frequently in the confrontation they have about returning Hector’s body, maybe the elder fathers knew each other before he passed therefore
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