Achilles - Sympathetic Character

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Does Achilles emerge as a sympathetic character? Why or why not? Achilles is a Greek warrior who fights in the Trojan War. He is respected and revered as a hero among all of the Greek people and he is the most important character in the Iliad. Achilles is an unbelievable warrior who doesn’t get the thanks he deserves. He also got his war prize taken away from him and still basically wins the war for the Greeks. Finally, Achilles has characteristics and traits that people can connect with and understand his feelings. Achilles is viewed as a hero, though he isn’t treated great and complains for a while, he still wins the war and emerges as the sympathetic character in the Illiad. Right from the beginning of the Illiad, the reader finds out a lot about Achilles. When the Illiad starts, the reader quickly learns the selfishness of King Agamemnon. The muse tells the tale of how the Greeks captured two beautiful maidens named Chryseis and Briseis. Achilles being the great warrior he is, claims Briseis as his prize and he actually really likes her. Then, Chryses begs to get his daughter Chryseis back and offers Agamemnon a huge ransom. Once Agamemnon refuses, Chryses prays to Apollo to help him get his daughters back and Apollo sends a plague onto the Greek camp. After ten days, a soothsayer reveals that this plague was caused by Apollo because of Agamemnon not giving back Chryseis. Agamemnon is enraged and won’t give her back unless Achilles gives up Briseis and gives her to Agamemnon. Before Achilles kills Agamemnon, Athena and Nestor calm the situation and prevent the duel. Achilles is humiliated and infuriated when Briseis is taken from him and given to Agamemnon. That was one of Achilles war prizes and for someone to take that away from him is wrong and shouldn’t be done to such a valuable warrior. Achilles is beyond enraged after all this and

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