The Iliad - Achilles

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<BR> Before it was written, The Iliad was a poem told orally by the Greeks. The Iliad <br>presents modern day readers with information about the Greek society many years ago in <br>the B.C. time period. This poem portrays the important values of the Greek society <br>during a heroic age. This heroic age is conveyed by one main character, Achilles. Achilles <br>represents the tragic Greek hero in The Iliad, tragic because he chose his own death. <br>Achilles knew (because of his mother Thetis), that he could either lead a long and <br>insignificant life, or die young but glorious. Achilles chose the latter. Throughout The <br>Iliad, Achilles went through some significant changes that affected himself, as well as the <br>Achaeans and Trojans. He began a hero and ended a tragic hero. <br> The Trojan War is vital to Greek mythology and provides a backdrop for <br>discussion. Before the war even started, however, it was known by all Trojans and <br>Achaeans that Achilles was the best fighter. He was the hero of all fighters. In a way this <br>was bad, and in a way this was good. Achilles was overflowing with pride, which built up <br>his confidence. Consequently, it was his confidence that brought on his early death. <br> It all began when Agamemnon stole away Briseis, Achilles’ woman. To ease the <br>anger Achilles had for Agamemnon, Thetis asked Zeus to provide honor for her son, <br>Achilles. Zeus granted her request by promising that the Achaeans would suffer enough <br>losses to force Agamemnon to come begging for Achilles’ help. <br> The first major change in Achilles was caused by his rage toward Agamemnon. <br>Achilles, the great warrior, allowed his wrath to infest his desire to help his own comrades <br>in the battle against the Trojans. It was his determination to maintain his pride

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