Troy: Patroclus Character Summary

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Troy: Patroclus Summary Patroclus was Achilles’ cousin and student. He was eager for battle and a bit rash. Patroclus went to Troy with Achilles, although Achilles didn’t want him fighting the Trojans. When the Trojans launch a surprise attack on the Greek camp Patroclus appears, dressed as Achilles, with the Myrmidons, and joins the battle. He brings courage to the Greeks, and eventually fights one-on-one against Hector. Hector cut his throat and he falls to the sand bleeding to death. This energizes the Trojans and dismays the Greeks. The Myrmidons are shocked by “Achilles” apparently being outmatched by Hector. Hector kneels and pulls Achilles' helmet off, and finds it is actually Patroclus who he has killed, not Achilles. Distressed at having slain someone so young, Hector gives him a killing blow out of mercy. Both armies agree to end fighting for the day, and Odysseus informs Hector of the Patroclus’ identity. Achilles, who had slept through the battle, is told by one of his men of his cousin's death. The Myrmidons had also mistaken Patroclus for Achilles, since he had put on the same armor, and had a near identical fighting style. Later that night, Achilles leads the funeral ceremony, complete with a funeral pyre. The next day, an enraged Achilles approaches the gates of Troy alone and demands Hector to come out and face him. Hector requests a pact that the loser is given proper funeral rites by the winner, which is angrily refused by Achilles. The pair fights a fierce duel but in the end Achilles kills Hector, and then ties the body to the back of his chariot, callously dragging it back to the Greek camp. That night, King Priam visits the Greek army's camp to retrieve Hector's body. After an emotional talk given to him by Priam, Achilles lets Priam take Hector's body back, promising him that no Greek will attack Troy for twelve days in order to give time

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