Compare and Contrast Epic Heroes Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay Is every epic hero the same? Beowolf is one of the greatest epic stories I have ever read. This story talks about a great warrior that wasn’t scared anything. He lived for the new challenges the world would bring him. His goal was like every epic hero at the time, the goal; was to fight, help people, and get rich and famous. Beowolf, a great warrior, didn’t use weapons to fight. He fought with his bare hands. Beowolf fought all his battles by himself. The greatness that Beowolf became, made him king for fifty years. During the fifty years, Beowolf took care of his people. His people believed he was a god. Beowolf wasn’t an ordinary warrior; he drove Five Great Giants into Chains (pg. 49). He swam into the darkness of night hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one. Do to Beowolf’s greatness people weren’t afraid. The older he got the weaker he became. However, a fire breathing dragon that was guarding the treasure for hundreds of years was disturbed. The dragon began to terrorize Beowolf’s Kingdom. The elderly Beowolf needed to be there for his people. The exhausting fight against the dragon, made him realize that he wasn’t as strong as he used to be. The dragon melted sword. With the help of his good friend, he defeated the dragon. After fighting with the dragon, Beowolf died, do to windiness. Beowolf died for his people. The Iliad is also another great epic story about a hero that fought his people. Achillies was great warrior that fought for his people but, more for himself. Achillies got word that his best friend was killed. That day Achillies didn’t go to fight. He felt terrible about it. He also blamed himself and he went searching for Hector. Hector was a magnificent warrior and was also the killer of Achillies' best friend. Hector knew if he would fight Achillies he was going to die. He went forward with

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