Beowulf: A True Hero

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A hero is a concept that lives in all cultures. It is someone who protects people by showing strength, courage, power, and leadership. A legacy is something that is pasted down from people to people. In the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf is a self-sacrificing hero with a legacy that still lives on today. He has fought dragons, monsters, and demons to protect a kingdom that didn't even belong to him. Beowulf possess all of these qualities and much more. He is the ultimate hero with the ultimate sacrifice. Beowulf is a brave man with a desire to look for a quest. He is not scared to fight anyone nor anything. He came all the way form Geatland just to fight Grendel,(the monster) because he heard about him. “Then news of Grendel/hard to ignore, reached me at home” (29). Beowulf has a thirst for fighting monsters to protect people from harms way, but he also has the heart to do so. “I hereby renounce/sword and the shelter of the broad shield/hand to hand/a life-and-death/fight with a friend” (31). This shows that…show more content…
He fought and killed a monster, a demon, a dragon, and many more creatures. He was able to do all of this because of the strength that he possesses. “I would rather not/ use a weapon” (171). “This fight is not yours/nor is it up to any man except me/to measure my strength against the dragon/or prove his worth” (171). Beowulf went off to fight this dragon all my his self with just a sword and a shield. In the end he defeated the dragon but also lost his life. The defeat shows the great strength that Beowulf has even as an old man. This also goes back to the quality of being brave. He shows braveness in this fight because he tells everyone that this is his fight and no one else should help him, which no one did. He fought a dragon all on his own and won. I believe this is one of the greatest qualities a hero can show;

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