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Beowulf originated in the Anglo Saxon era, is three thousand one hundred and eighty-two lines long, and is the most important of Old English Heroic Poems. An archetype is a very typical example of a certain person or thing. Beowulf has traits of archetypical heros and warriors. He has inhumane skills and strengths and has God sent supernatural abilities in order to complete his heroic tasks. Characteristics of the Anglo-Saxons are endless in the story of Beowulf that interest the mind but so few that change lives when internalized. There are three categories of characteristics in Beowulf that are particularly effective and intriguing: loyalty, strength, and courage. Loyalty in Beowulf is emulated through the relationship brought to life between Thane and Lord. The introduction to Beowulf stated," A relationship is based less on…show more content…
The song tells us that "he had prospered from that before, the protector of warriors." He exemplifies physical strength when he tears off Grendel's arm, fights sea monsters all through Norway, and carries thirty suits of armor, swimming. Lastly courage correlates with strength but not enough that it can't be its own heroic quality. Beowulf shows his courage in a multitude of ways, whether it be from giving Wiglaf his armor or fighting Grendel. Although those are virtually the same, you can go deeper into the tasks and detail his courage. When he fought Grendel, he did it with no armor and that shows tremendous courage. He constantly puts his life on the line for others, because he feels it is his duty to be a protector. The three categories of loyalty, strength, and courage are vividly illustrated in the epic poem, Beowulf. He represents what a hero was back then and always should be. Anglo-Saxon values and literature are well represented in Beowulf. Works

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