Abu Ghraib Film Analysis

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Is Abu Ghraib the military version of reality TV? - Analysis and comment The text is an article from Spiked published in 2004 and deals with photos from the Iraq war compared to today’s reality TV. The article is written with several technical terms and rather complicated language such as “…the West’s degenerate contemporary culture…” and “…the carnival of degradation…” The article has a byline witch tells us something about what we are going to read and wakes up our interest. You can say that the article starts in media res as we are “thrown out” into the writer’s perception of reality TV. The structure of the sentences is very describing and especially in the first paragraph it almost feels like as if we were there our selves or watching what he describes in the television.…show more content…
There are some direct similarities such as sex and confrontations, but we have to keep in mind that the people on the photos from Iraq are dead or tortured and the people in reality can leave whenever they want. That’s is a huge difference. The writer claims that the photos are a kind of a reflection of the moral (or the missing morale) in our society and culture. He questions why the soldiers would show themselves as heartless murders to the whole world. He explains this by describing how the soldiers has absorbed the attitude about the missing boundaries in exposure when in comes to television and communication and when they are in war and have the ultimate power compared to their prisoners the restrains disappear and things can get a lot more violent as they did in Abu
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