Macbeth in Today's World

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English Assignment: Macbeth in today’s world Macbeth is a simple play. That is to say, the plot is straightforward, the characters clearly presented, the opposition of good and evil perfectly plain. There even isn’t much doubt of the ultimate fate of Macbeth and his wife at any stage in the play. However there is still a great deal of mystery. Why does this sturdy soldier become a mean killer and, worse, a hirer of thugs to do his killing for him even when he himself acknowledges that his actions are sure to bring retribution upon him? Why does Lady Macbeth feel it is in her duty as a ‘loving’ wife to drive them both into evil ways? And why do so many good men allow this vicious couple to gain total power and ruin the state of Scotland? Some aspects of the Macbeth story have become horribly familiar in our world today. Several modern rulers (from everyday fathers to leaders of the country) have begun as ‘brave soldiers’ and ended as crazy destroyers because of their poor choices and the consequences. Psychologists have shown us that, behind seemingly straightforward human motives (good or bad), there are often extremely complicated emotions and intentions. From Macbeth killing practically everyone in his life for his own gain, to the armed robberies and riots happening all over the world, we see greed, violence and people struggling with the concept of right and wrong in our everyday lives, no matter how far we think we’ve come from Macbeth. Lately we’ve been hit by a tidal wave of armed robberies. From general stores to petrol stations and even a train station in Perth has come under attack from guns and knives. It is greed that drives the evil inside us. What do people gain when they commit these robberies? Money… power? What good are these things if you can’t spend them because you’re now in jail? A 17 year old boy that has never been in trouble
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