Greed in No Country for Old Men

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In McCarthy’s, No Country for Old Men, money plays a significant role when it comes to ethical decision making. In the beginning, Llewelyn Moss comes across a crime scene where drug traffickers and drug dealers are brutally murdered by a third party, in pursuit for the money. Regardless, Moss greedily steals the money but leads him and his family to dangerous situations. In addition, Carson Wells is hired as a bounty hunter to kill Anton Chigurh and get the money, however, he ends up dying in the process. Finally, the crime and violence over money is so senseless, that Sheriff Ed-Tom Bell retires to prevent his life from being taken away. In the Novel No Country for Old Men, several characters are put in difficult situations because of the greed for money. To begin with, Moss arrives at the aftermath of a drug trade scene where a third-party interrupted the drug scene in order to obtain the money. Moss encounters over a dozen lifeless, deceased bodies of drug dealers and drug traffickers along with several trucks ruthlessly damaged with bullet holes. Moss investigates around the bodies and finds heavy weaponry, artillery, ammunition and also finds stashes of drugs but money absent. It is evident to Moss that the violence is related to illegal drugs and money. “In the first vehicle there was a man slumped dead over the wheel. Beyond were two more bodies lying in the gaunt yellow grass. Dried blood black on the ground. He stopped and listened. Nothing. The drone of flies” (Pg. 5 of pdf). Moss’ thoughts emphasize how much horror and corruption is caused by the greed for money; a third party attempted to ambush the drug trade, which resulted in a shootout brutally killing several drug dealers. Thus, due to the greed, there was a transaction of illegal drugs which lead to numerous deaths. Moss’ greed influences him to steal the drug money, only to put him and his

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