Police And American Films

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“How Police Is Portrayed By American Films” Most American Films like to portray the police as corrupt and scrupulous. I have watched only a few that portrays police officers as good and honest. I guess that good cops don’t sell movie tickets well. One movie I particularly like, although one can see that it is not realistic, is the movie “Training Day”. The film follows a single day in the life of an LAPD cop, Jake Hoyt, who is being evaluated by Detective Alonzo Harris, who is a highly decorated LAPD narcotics officer and who could advance his career. Detective Harris extorts people and drug dealers by using methods not allowed by the legal system to get to the “big bad guys” and for his own personal gains. He kills innocents under the cover of the LAPD badge. Harris explains to him that, “In the undercover world, this is how things work. If you don’t do it this way, you won’t survive”. Movies usually like to depict that police don’t go out of their way to help gang-bangers and thugs. Alonzo doesn’t believe in any rules. Those laws against double-parking and drinking while driving don't apply to him, because he daily risks his live so the nice people can enjoy their lives. Officer Hoyt learns that suspects’ civil rights don't seem to matter too much to his partner. While in Harris’s car, the pair of officers observes gang members dealing drugs to some college kids in a park. Instead of arresting the buyers, detective Harris confiscates the drugs and tells Officer Hoyt to take a hit from the marijuana. Hoyt refuses, but Harris puts a gun to his head and tells him that his failure to use drugs could get him killed by a street dealer. After being threatened to leave his car officer Hoyt smokes the marijuana. Shortly after that Alonzo tells him the marijuana was laced with PCP and while driving, Hoyt notices a female high school student being sexually

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