Cocaine Cowboys Research Papers

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Get down!!!!! Get Dow!!! “Nobody move” followed by BANB!!!!!! BANG!!!! BANG!!!! “Shots fired” or “Officer down” is all so common in our local communities, backyard and nearby school. The war on drug our local officers and drug dealer in our communities. Since early history, drugs have been a major problem in society. As early as the 1960’s and 70’s, our Officers have been dealing with numerous drug lords invading the street of Miami Police officer have been trying to find ways to catch drugs dealers and cleaning out our communities for decades. With drug distribution. In the 1990’s, drugs has been on our street and in our communities. Police and community leaders have yet to find a way to stop this movement. The police towards this goal such as: tapping phone line to potential criminal or drug dealers. Various sting operation trying to intervene and stop the distribution of drugs before entering our street and cites. My belief is that, with these many helpful tactics in place, it is very difficult to totally eliminate the distribution of all drugs in our society. The Cocaine Cowboys was an illegal…show more content…
Many abandon building are being boarded up to help prevent addicts and sales and or prostitution. Many drug dealers are arguing of the invasion of privacy when police are found tapping prevent the war on drugs and save lives. Line or checking out suspicious activity revealed my local community leaders and civilians. With police policing many areas, drug dealers are not hanging on corners as in prior years. It was said in on story a potential drug dealer was giving his bank account information on the phone when his call was intercepted. During this call, a crooked cop stole the dealer information and stole all his funds from his bank account in which the family became in debt. Now this has become a new controversy of tapping anyone’s phone
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