Pros and Cons to Joining a Gang

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GANGS The Pros And Cons About It LeRoy Ashley Composition 1-1011 Professor: Sean Froyd December 6, 2013 One fifth of July evening as Lee got home from a hard day of work he noticed a car parked in his driveway; little did he know that it was gang member doing drugs right in his driveway. Lee, being a married man with children did not want his family to have to come out and deal with this gentleman and certainly did not want him hanging out watching his house with his family. Lee decided to tell the man he needed to move his car out of his driveway and go on about his way. Lee approached the car, and yelled through the closed window, “you need to leave”. The man looked up through the smoky car and mouthed the word “what”? The man slowly rolled his window down and Lee spoke again except this time he only got as far as the word “you” before the man open fired on him. At first Lee thought it was fireworks with the 4th of July having just past but soon reality set in that he was actually being shot right in his driveway for no reason at all. Mostly everyone has heard about gangs and what they do and represent. Usually people think gangs are just society’s problems, and label them as killers and drug dealers. A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and international organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violence. Although gangs exist internationally there is a greater level of study and knowledgeable information of gangs specifically in the United States. A member of a gang is called a gangster. (FBI) In the late 1940’s -1970’s public housing high rises became the home of many gangs, (Riis) In 2009 there were over 1 million documented gang members. (FBI) According to the Federal Bureau of

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