Timeline Of Gangs In America

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Olivia Baze CJ411 – N1 KGA: Timelines of Gangs in America Part I: Gang and Criminal Subculture Timeline: Gangs have existed long time ago starting in the early 1200 A.D where they were called “thugz” in India referring to a gang of criminals who roamed the country pillaging towns along the way. This subculture has mutated over the years into a criminal enterprise. From the beginning gangs were known for their reckless uninhibited persona and ideology. They took what they wanted, when they wanted and utilized fear, intimidation and membership as a basis for claiming territory, street or city as their own. But throughout the years there has been other description of the term gang where it comes from the word “gonge” a term that originally meant a journey but later referring to a “gonge” of sailors in the fifteenth century. There are four kinds of “gangs” which were predecessors of the street gangs of today: 1. Secret Societies; 2. Gangs of Outlaws in the Wild West; 3. Racist gangs like the Klu Klux Klan; and 4. “Voting Gangs” tied mainly to the Democratic Party in large cities. 1. Secret Societies: Two Secret Societies are especially important for US gangs, as well as gangs around the world. Both the Chinese Triads and the Italian Mafia and Camorra have existed at least since the early 1800s. Triads had their origin in anti-Manchu resistance in China, the term "triad" coming from the three dots which form part of the Chinese character for the Ming Emperor Hung Wu. Triads began as "Men of Hung." They were both part of the political resistance of the Han Chinese to the Manchu dynasty, as well as outlaws who "Ta fu — chih p'in" (Hit the Rich and help the poor). Triads spread all over the world and control much of the illegal and informal economy in overseas Chinese communities. Thrasher wrote about "tongs" in Chicago, defining tong as "protective

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