Corporal Anthony Damiano Case Study

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CRIME Corporal Anthony Damiano Paterson Police Department Passaic County Patterson, NJ Corporal Anthony Damiano works the drug projects of Passaic County New Jersey which are currently under surveillance. Corporal Damiano and his partner stop an older vehicle just coming out of the projects. Calmly the driver is asked to step out of the vehicle and is then immediately questioned about the drug purchased that was just witnessed by the two officers. The driver, Raymond, is a 31 year old, Caucasian male with stocky build, full beard and mustache, dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap. The passenger is a 32 year old Caucasian male similarly dressed and admittedly confesses “doing crack with Raymond”. A small bag of crack cocaine and a crack pipe is found in the suspects’ vehicle. When questioned by the officers, both suspects…show more content…
South Bureau / Beat 28 Sedgwick County Wichita, KS At 9:40 PM, Officers Justin McCluskey and Nathan Schwiethale are in search of a suspect who is out on larceny charges. Suspect took off running on foot when originally confronted by the officers. Officer Guilemette responds by setting up a parameter with Office Schwiethale. Area of town reflects a low-income status. Suspect is Caucasian and approximately 45 years of age wearing and orange T-shirt and jean shorts. Officers search the neighborhood on foot, using flashlights to see in the dark. Entering a wooden shed with guns drawn, officers locate the suspect and with authority in their voice, order him down to the ground, quickly hand-cuffing him. Suspect is extremely compliant and non-combative explaining to officers his intent was to do the right thing, but that he was very tired from working that day and simply wanted to borrow the bike to get home more quickly. Suspect explained that he would have given the stolen bike back when the police had left the area.

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