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How would feel about getting your pinky cut off, just because you have ties to the mob? What kind of person would actually setup a kidnapping of their own sister, just to get their dirty hands on some ransom money? All the characters learn a lesson about betrayal and the friendship. preview In the movie, “Suicide Kings,” all of the characters learn life lessons and change for the better or they do not change, and stay the same. Learning the meaning of trust is exactly what you would think seeing this movie. It would make you think who you can trust. Avery is a desperate teenager who plans to have his sister Elise kidnapped and ransomed for 2,000,000 because he does not have the cash to pay his debt. Avery and his friends abduct a retired mob boss by the name of Charlie and force him to help find his sister. Charlie agrees to do but he cautions them that once they agree to the deal there is no turning back. For five there answer to their problems is tied up to a chair (Charlie). They kidnapped Charlie in order to get the money to pay the debt that Avery had. But in the end his friend was screwed him over in the end. Avery and his sister got caught by Charlie and Lono. Charlie ended up killing the both of them and left with their money. Charlie is the ex-mobster who is the boss or what I would call a gangster. Charlie is the tough guy who isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. He has a good connection with other people to figure out everything’s he needs to know. Charlie is a wise man and can teach you a good lesson about friendship. Charlie is a round, and static character in the movie Suicide Kings. In the movie we learn a lot about Charlie past about him being ex mob boss and all the things that he is capable of doing. After the group of boys hurt Charlie and he learns what they did to him it made him angry. By him being angry he seeks revenge on the group

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