No Country for Old Men

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No Kirsty Hopkins HOP09271238 Tutor: Chris De-Selincourt. Art, Design and Moving Image Describe a film of your choice. What conventions of cinema do you notice being followed or challenged? Through detailed analysis of the films significant scenes, how do the director’s decisions function in relation to the whole film and the context in which it is viewed? In this essay I will be analyzing the film ‘No Country for Old Men’, 2007, written and directed by the Coen brothers – Ethan and Joel. I will look at the theme of times changing, the parallels between the 3 main characters, the mind set of these characters and the build up of tension used throughout. I will do this by picking out what I believe to be the significant scenes, analyzing them in the context of the film as a whole. No Country for Old Men is a narrative film about a man named Llewelyn Moss who discovers the scene of a bloody drug trade, where he takes 2 million dollars. Anton Chigurh is on his trail wanting the money, murdering his employer, opponents and even normal citizens. Moss is clever and tries to keep one step ahead as Chigurh closes down on him. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell runs the investigation as struggles to face the things he is seeing and how different this country is to what he knew. (Chisholm, 2007) The film begins with an audio visual, with a narrator telling his story. We know the narrator is the sheriff because he opens with, “I was sheriff of this county when I was 25 years old.” He talks about the old times compared to the new times, and the change in crime, he’s states, “I don’t want to go out and see something I don’t understand, a man puts himself at hazard and has to say, ok I’ll be part of this world.” As the sheriff talks we see multiple static shots on a wide-angle lens different landscapes, each one harsh and empty giving an impression of the type of country these
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