O.J. Simpson Case

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For my paper I’m picking the O.J. Simpson case. We all know about O.J. Simpson and how in 1994 when his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and Ron G Goldman a waiter that worked at the Mezzaluna Restaurant. Both Nicole and Ron were found stabbed in the front of the Brown’s condo Sunday night. With these murders mismanagement or lax of procedures were done. Both bodies didn’t get examined right away and with the autopsy this could only put time of death between 9pm and midnight when the bodies were found close to midnight. The prosecutor used three kinds of proof to help show how they came up with why the evidence points to him doing it. The first proof they used was Simpson’s motive Simpson was mad because his ex-wife broke up with Simpson a second time; Simpson was also an emotional mess with also losing his current girlfriend. Also Simpson had a cut on his index finger of his left hand and no one could remember seeing the cut before the murders. The second proof that they used was the physical evidence. While searching the crime they came across a left handed glove that had blood on it and a ski cap. The matching glove to the left hand glove was found behind the home. They also used fibers found on the cap that proved to match the fibers in the bronco that O.J. was driving. Fibers of Goldman’s shirt were where also found on the gloves. Their theory was that Simpson lost his left handed glove and cap during the murders and that’s when he must have gotten the cut. After the murders Simpson rushed back to his home to try to hide the clothing and knife that was used in the murders. The third is the scientific evidence this was the DNA testing of the found inside the bronco this showed that it was O.J. Simpsons, Nicole Simpsons and Ron Goldman. The blood found on the glove that was found at the Simpson’s home also had the same matches. A sock that was also found had Nicole’s

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