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1) Why was the Crippen case important? The case was so important because Dr. Crippen was accused of poising his wife and putting pieces of her remains in the basement cellar. The pathologist concluded that the tissue found had a scar that Cora had on her body. This was the first case of forensic science. 2) What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? Crippen was accused of poising his wife and slashing her to pieces and leaving only parts in the basement of their home. Dr. Crippen claimed that Cora had left him, then decided to tell her friends that she went to America, and a couple weeks later got sick and died. The friends called the police and told them what happened and that they had no proof…show more content…
The evidence that the pathologist showed the jury and audience gave insight to the Jury. He said that the tissue found had a scar that was on Cora’s body. 5) What do modern forensic scientists find when they examine samples of the remains. They found out that the remains did not match the DNA of Cora’s family, and that it wasn’t even the same sex as her, It was a males DNA. 6) What other evidence linked Crippen to the remains in the cellar? They found a pajama shirt that matched pajama bottoms found in Cora’s dresser. 7) What other inconsistencies were found in the case when the evidence was re-examined? Why do you think these inconsistencies were ignored at the time of the Crippen trial? The forensic pathologist, Benerd Spilsbury, who claimed the tissue was a scar, helped prosecutors gain over 250 convictions in murder trials. He was expected to give the goods to the Jury, and indeed he did. No one second-guessed it, especially since this was the first act of forensic science. 8) Do you think Crippen killed his wife? Why or why not? No I do not think he murdered his wife, they proved that the remains were from a male, not

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