How Dangerous Was Hitler?

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How dangerous was Adolf Hitler up to 1938? Many people have different views on Hitler and if Hitler was extremely dangerous to certain minorities. He killed thousands of innocent people in his rise to power. He used many ways similar to other dictators in history to manipulate his people. Hitler did have many good intentions for Germany, and tried to have a positive impact on Germany. He had a strong vision for what he wanted for his country and had a 25 year plan of all his ideas and how he was going to change the country for the better. Germany was in deep economic depression and was facing many difficult problems. Hitler pledged to fix everything and give many jobs to the unemployed. The current president Hindenburg was old and the people of Germany needed someone new, with new ideas. Hitler promised to scrap the Treaty of Versailles which appealed to many Germans, this is said to have won him many votes in the election. He portrayed himself as a strong leader and a good speaker; he promoted family and moral values to show his country how much he cared for them. This perceived the people that he was right for the country and wasn’t at all dangerous; however there is evidence to show that he was in fact a very dangerous man. Hitler first proved to be dangerous when he set up the SA (brownshirts) they used violence against the voters to intimidate them so that they would vote for the Nazi party. To deal with political opponents he ransacked houses and used the Gestapo to hunt down anyone who was against him. He created a nation of terrified people, waiting on his every demand. The violence resulted in him winning the election and soon after his plan to manipulate German started. This proves that he was dangerous, because he injured many innocent voters to get what he wanted. He treated the German people well and organised street parties and parades, however

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