When and Why Did the Second World War Turn Against Hitler and His Allies

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When And Why Did The Second World War Turn Against Hitler And His Allies? In September 1939 the world descended into the most violent conflict in its history. This was as a result of many years of poverty stress and anger at other countries (from Germany). Hitler took this downfall of the country to become the prime minister, as he often said that if he became the leader of Germany he would sort the country of all its problems. Hitler then took away the “Power of the People” by replacing parliament with a self proclaimed dictatorship, which most Germans welcomed. Hitler was often described as a “Leader that got mad with power” as he lead a war that lead to many, many people dying. This so called “madness” leads to him taking over Poland and starting the war, consequently meaning Germany broke the “Treaty of Versailles”. After Germany took over Poland, Britain declared war on Germany as they refused to leave from Germany and the fact that they broke the “Treaty of Versailles”. After Britain declared war on Germany, France joined in with Britain as they felt threatened that Germany was going to take over them. At the beginning of the war the Axis(Germany, Italy, and Japan and other minor powers) were winning over the Allies(US, Russia, Great Britain, France, China, Canada and other minor countries), this soon changed at the battle of “ El Alamein” and the attack on “Pearl Harbour”, where arguably the allies started to win the war. In the battle of “El Alamein” the British and its allies started to win, where the German advance through North Africa was stopped by the British army. At El Alamein the German North African army was trapped between the British forces and an American army. 275,000 German soldiers surrendered and the German campaign in North Africa was ended, although General Rommel managed to escape back to Germany. This was a key factor as this was
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