How Did The First World War Start

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As people begin a conversation about war, someone always inquires about how the war started. There are several reasons that can cause a war to breakout between nations. World War I was fought in the years of 1914-1918. Several people described this war as the Great War because it was the first war that they had ever witnessed. World War I began because of many obstacles that America would have to sustain in order for the war to diminish. On May 7, 1915, the German army sank a ship called the Lusitania. At this time, 1,198 people lost their lives and included 128 American people. This ship was carrying war shipments from the United States to England. The passengers on the ship knew there may be a possible attack on the ship but Woodrow Wilson condemned this attack as illegal and inhuman. After the ship sank, it sparked some outrage against the Germans causing hostile feelings on the country. (Faragher, Buhle, Czitrom, & Armitage, 2000) A coded message was created and sent by the German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmerman. This coded message would later on be called the Zimmerman telegraph and would be part of the reason that the United States was drawn into World War I. Zimmerman wanted to create an undercover alliance between Germany and Mexico. This secret…show more content…
More specifically, while any number of aggressive acts could have triggered war, following public disclosure of German efforts to lure Mexico into war with the United States, American for the first time felt both threatened and hostile toward the European aggressors. Finally, the continued presence of German u-boats in the North Atlantic and the threat of unrestricted submarine warfare against our economic interest hit close to home, drawing the United States into war with hopes of breaking growing stalemate. (Faragher et al.,

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