Why Did the Germans Lose Ww2?

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Why were the Germans defeated in World War Two between 1941 and 1945? By Katie Goodwin The Germans (along with Japan) were defeated in World War two by the allied forces; the USA, the UK and the USSR. These were not natural allies, they have different political beliefs, the USA and the UK were Capitalists with USSR as communists, and they only became allies because they had a common enemy, the axis. The war stretched between 1st September 1939 when Hitler and the Nazis invaded Poland causing the UK and France to declare war, until the Russians reached Berlin causing Hitler to commit suicide and Germany to surrender on 7th May 1945 then Atomic Bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 14th August causing the final surrender of Japan. The mistakes that occurred by the Germans assisted the axis empire to be defeated, some examples of these errors are attempting to fight the war on multiple fronts, deciding to attack Russia as well as being at war with the USA as both of these countries could easily outnumber and surround the Nazis although Germany may have had little choice in fighting the USA as Britain was their closest ally and they would have got involved to defend their friend and Russia was planning to enter the war a few months after she was attacked anyway. Germany had made poor choices with allies; the alliance with Italy was a noose around the neck of the Nazis, Japan would’ve only made sense as an ally if it had attacked the Far East. Hitler chose his allies on ideology and not from shared interests or goals, the less powerful members of the axis only really wanted one thing, to gain territory. Hitler was the ultimate commander of Germany throughout the war so it seems inevitable that his decisions must be responsible for Germany having victory torn from their grasps in the Second World War. He refused to listen to anyone else’s advice,even his own

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