Pros And Cons Of Sinking The Lusitania

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The Sinking of the Lusitania Throughout the history of the world, many ships have sunk. Many sunk in battle and many sunk on accident. But, in the case of the Lusitania, an enemy of the cruise liner’s owner deliberately torpedoed ship full of civilians. During the events of WWI, the Germans sunk the Lusitania, a British cruise ship sailing from the United States to England that contained many American passengers. Many people, especially Americans, believe that Germany killed the passengers on the Lusitania for no apparent reason. Now, the government of America tries to call the incident a horrible mistake. Germany did not, however, completely act in error. Surprisingly, the Lusitania had many dark secrets. Germany sunk the Lusitania because…show more content…
The Germans, immediately after sinking the ship, accused Britain of the Lusitania carrying munitions, not just passengers. The government tried to justify the sinking of the Lusitania by saying that the Lusitania contained weapons (“Sinking of RMS Lusitania” para. 2). The Germans must have known that the Lusitania held weapons, years before future historians and scientists would prove their existence true. If not, Germany would have looked at all the positives and negatives of sinking the Lusitania, and would have realized the cons outweighed the pros in this situation. The Germans, though sure of the presence of weapons onboard, did not consider all the possible repercussions of sinking the Lusitania. They knew the ship held weapons, and, instinctively, any enemy will fight their enemy to prevent them from gaining an advantage. So, the Germans sunk the Lusitania because of their knowledge that the ship contained munitions…show more content…
A cargo ship disguised as a cruise ship sunk because the Germans torpedoed it. It carried weapons and the passengers had access to one or more warnings by the Germans concerning sea travel around Great Britain. The British wanted America to join the war to support the Allies. Though this event did not immediately trigger the reaction the British wanted, the Lusitania event, in combination with others, caused the Americans to join the war, allowing the Allies to win. They needed the Americans, and they used an ingenious tactic to cause the Americans to join the war: the death of its own civilians. The civilians on the ship, warned by the Germans, refused to listen to a warning, causing their death on the Lusitania. The total number of Americans who died represented a very small portion of the United States’ total population. The American public over-exaggerated the sinking of the Lusitania and overreacted to the death of very few people compared to America as a whole. The British blockade kept all trades away from the Germans, including food (Ghost Liners 124).Yet, when the Germans retaliate, the Americans hate them for it. The Germans received blame for a crime that followed the rules of war blockades. America shames the Germans for killing civilians warned of the possible danger. Finally, the Lusitania allowed for the British to win in a win-win situation that their government

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