Woodrow Wilson: A Special Person In History

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Throughout the world history there have been many great and popular people. There were also others who were unpopular and even hated by the people. In U.S. history there were many great presidents like Woodrow Wilson. Although he made some bad decisions, he is still a special person in the history. Wilson is someone that every person should know about, because he wanted to keep international peace, stopped World War I, and gave women the right to vote. Wilson did everything in his powers to keep United States out of wars. His dream was to make all the nations that way. When World War I started, Wilson did not put the United States in it. He did support some of the countries in Europe, but without sending them any army reinforcements and war supplies. Germany started to sink American merchant ships and killed hundreds of American civilians. After about dozen of American ships were sank, Wilson had no chance but to declare war on Germany. Immediately after the war ended, he made the Fourteen Points, which would make the Great War the last one ever. Today’s United Nations is based on some of Wilson’s ideas like the League of Nations, which was included in his Fourteen Points. By going to war against Germany, Wilson also stopped the World War I. Wilson started to mobilize for the Great…show more content…
Some women saw World War I as the opportunity for them to rise up. When men left to go to war, women took over their jobs and showed what they are capable of. Many women even continued their suffrage parties during the war and protested against the government. The movie Iron Jawed Angles illustrates all the hardships that women were face for doing that, but they did not stop. Finally, after the war, the bill was passed and President Wilson approved it and gave millions of women the right to vote. The new law was added to the United States Constitution as the 19th
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