Iron Jawed Angels

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Summary, Reaction, and Analysis Paper #1 Iron -Jawed Angels Iron-Jawed Angels tells the true story of a very strong and determined group of young ladies lead by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns. These ladies put their lives on the line to fight for women’s right to vote. After years and years of hard work and some jail time, Alice and her followers convinced President Wilson to supporting the suffrage amendment. On Aug. 26, 1920, the Susan B. Anthony Amendment becomes law, and 20 million American women win the right to vote. Alice worked hard and fought a long battle for all women living in the United States. Alice worked for a couple of different women’s groups who wanted President Wilson to ask Congress to pass a law giving women equal rights and the freedom to vote for president and other offices. Alice and her followers were very brave and strong. They were not willing to back down from what they believed in. They took their battle to Washington straight to the President of the United States. President Wilson spoke with Alice Paul and her followers but was not willing to give them the support they needed to earn the right to vote. Alice and her followers decided that they needed to do more to make a name for them and to let the President know that they were not going to give up. In the middle of their fight for the right to vote, President Wilson announced that the United States was going to war. Alice and her followers continued on with her plan to picket in front of the White House to draw attention to their cause. President Wilson couldn’t believe that the women had the nerve to picket a war time president. President Wilson ordered the picketers to be arrested. But this didn’t stop Alice, the next day; more women including Alice were back in front of the White House only to be arrested again. The arrested women refused to pay the
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