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The Battle of Britain The Battle of Britain was one of the main events that occurred in WW2. The battle began when France had surrendered to the Nazis. Because France had surrendered, Britain was the last unconquered territory in West Europe. The Nazi’s were on the French coast waiting to invade Britain. They hoped the Luftwaffe (the German air force) could smash morale, radar installations and air power before they could sail there troops across the channel to gain control. The battle was a build up from the 10th of July to the 31st of October 1940. During this time, daily bombings were occurring from the Luftwaffe directed at the RAF to destroy them so that they safely sail troops across but Britain was putting up a fight. Taking over the air, the Germans would have had more chance in gaining power over Britain so they were trying hard to destroy the RAF. By June, the RAF had rebuilt it’s fighter force back up to about 660 serviceable fighter planes because most of them were destroyed before the battle when the Nazi’s pushed across Europe in 1939-1940. The Luftwaffe had 2600 bombers at its disposal when the war had begun (on the 10th of July). The war took place in the skies over England. The small amount of pilots came from all over the Commonwealth including New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Australia; even overrun countries such as Poland,…show more content…
The Germans could’ve bombed the radars and won the war because Britain wouldn’t have know where the bomber planes were located. If this did happen, Adolf Hitler would’ve gone through with attacking Russia and possibly gaining the country. This would lead to him ruling over most of the world. Although he did make many errors along the way, it led him to fail the first attack on Britain. This changed the whole outcome of the war; failing to overcome the RAF meant that he didn’t have any control over Britain and he couldn’t
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