Ww2 Continuation of Ww1

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World War One was a result of a result of Nationalism taking over European states. In the the 1900's European countries would see a direct result of nationalism as countries began to build upon the idea of mobilizing citizens under a single homogeneous culture. Nationalism formed a encouraging atmosphere for war; setting up national rivalries amongst Germany and Britain, Japan and America and also between Germany and Russia. This led to World War I. What nded World War 1 was the Treaty of Versailles passed by the Allied Powers, many believe this to also be the starting point of World War 2. Through research I plan on showing how World War 2 is a continuation of world war 1 and not a separate war all together. World War 1 would end with the defeat of the Central Powers which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and The Ottoman Empire by the hand of Allied Powers including Great Britain, France and Russia. As a result of losing the war the allied victors planned to punish Germany by placing a strict set of restrictions and rules against them; named the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty placed blame solely on Germany resulting in loss of the Rhineland, also Germany had to demilitarize and pay back billions to allies as part of war reparations[1]. This push by the Allied powers left Germany defeated but not destroyed as this loss offered a starting point for a political push away from the imperial government of the past to a new republic as Germans began to revolt. Named the Weimar Republic, the new government in place was incapable of dealing with the complex problems via the Treaty of Versailles. Hyperinflation and political revolts began to affect the country. The sanctions of the treaty placed Germany was in dismay, this offered neighboring European countries the ability to take advantage of Germany. Adolf Hitler a Austrian born German was a
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