Was Hitler Totallt to Blame for Ww2?

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Was Hitler totally to blame for WW2? In 1939, war broke out between the Allies and the Axis. The leader of Germany, one of the countries in The Axis, was a man called Adolf Hitler. And many people believe he was to blame for the start of The Second World War. In this essay I will discuss the title question and come to a conclusion on whether or not I agree. For me, one of the main causes of ww2 was the fact that The Treaty of Versailles was extremely harsh on Germany; this created a build up of anger and resentment from Germans, and also put them in a financial depression. Although Hitler had no control over this, he played on their poverty to receive votes and gain power. He also built up Germany’s resentment against the United Nations, which made his people pro war. Many people believe another fault of the League of Nations that contributed to war was; how they appeased Hitler by letting him have Czechoslovakia. They did this because they thought it would reduce chances of war, yet Hitler soon broke the agreement they had made and war started. Although many people would argue that the above cause was the fault of the League of Nations, I disagree because, if Hitler had not been so aggressively demanding, they would not have needed to appease him. However, the League of Nations is not completely without fault, Italy was disappointed by the League of Nations as she was denied territory promised by Britain and France. This lead Mussolini and Italy to join forces with Germany, making them bear resentment and wanting war. Another country exiled from the League was Japan, who also united with Germany and Italy. This increased the number of people against the League of Nations, giving them more power and making a war possible. Granting the fault of the League of Nations excluded countries, making a more powerful enemy, if Hitler had not been planning
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