Nationalism Sparked Off World War One

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Nationalism sparked off World War One. Do you agree? World War One broke out during 1914-1918. There are several reasons for its outbreak. The extreme nationalism was driven the emergence of war, it elevate each of the conflicts before W.W.1. No matter in impersonal or my own opinion, nationalism is the most important reasons to trigger W.W1. Nationalism was begun to develop in Europe during the French Revolution. Some European people tried to build up their nation states in order to free themselves from foreign control. By the 19th century, nationalism went to extreme. Many European countries went into conflicts with one another for the sake of national interests. Extreme nationalist promoted absolute loyalty to the states and advocated foreign expansion to boost national glory. There are four main nationalism due to the spark off World War One. The four nationalism trigger World War One respectively are French’s revenge movement, Pan-Germanism, Pan-Slavism and Great Serbian movement. French desired to take revenge on Germany after the Franco-Prussian War and take back the territories; Germany and Austria-Hungary promoted “Pan-Germanism”, which suggested that German-speaking people should expand into Europe under their leadership; Russia aimed at placing all Slavs in Eastern and Southern Europe under its control; Serbia wanted to expand her new territories in Balkan. This four nationalism finally led to the outbreak of the World War One. For French’s revenge movement, while the Franco-Prussian War end, German victory and build up their state in the Versailles palace, French need to pay a large amount of reparations for being the lose one, also French coped cede Alsace-Lorraine to German, it is a land that amount a lot of resources, French attach importance to this land and sense of humiliation full in French feeling. At this time, the French have chance
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