Issue 1 - How Far Was the Paris Peace Settlement the Reason for the Aggressive Nature of German and Italian Foreign Policy in the 1930s?

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How far was the Paris Peace settlement the reason for the aggressive nature of German and Italian foreign policy in the 1930s? Germany and Italy had an aggressive foreign policy by 1930s. Both countries were angry because of The Paris Peace settlement and they wanted revenge. Although this settlement certainly caused an aggressive behavior in Germany and Italy, it was not the only reason. The nature of fascism itself was very aggressive and linked to the rise of dictatorships also increased the idea of revenge and violence. Germany and Italy also dealt with the economic crisis in 1929 in an aggressive way. And the fact that the League of Nations should ensure peace in the world and it was weak and failed facing Germany and Italy aggression let both countries became even more powerful and aggressive. One of the reasons for the German and Italian aggressive foreign policy was The Paris Peace Settlement, which was created to punish Germany. Nobody was happy with it and Italy and Germany wanted revenge. The Treaty of Versailles made the country lose all colonies (it was under the control of the League of Nations) and also some territories that used to be part of Germany. Many citizens that used to live in Germany were now living in other countries, new ones, created by the peace settlement. This made Hitler make promises that he would use any means to reunite all Germans and that empire was desirable. It was obviously a threat to surrounding nations. Germany was also forced to take the blame for causing all damage and deaths in the war, so they needed to pay reparations that cost $12 billion and it would be used to repair the damage. Taking the blame for something that was not only Germans' fault angered the population and increased the revenge feeling. Germany's armed forces were reduced and also the army was reduced to 100,000 men and tanks, submarines or
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