Appeasement Was a Failed Policy Which Directly Resulted in the Second World War

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The policy of appeasement, embraced in vain by Great Britain and France in the 1930s, was ultimately a bid to reach a peaceful understanding with Germany. However this was only a failed policy which directly would lead to war as it encouraged Hitler, abandonining policy would have prevented such a brutal war, Hitler was an unreasonable dictator and that had always intended to fight a war and that he would not be appeased. These crucial factors ensured that appeasement policy would Utltimlty the appeasement directly resulting in the Second World War Brittan and France With the rise of Hitler Germany sought to revise the terms of paris peace settlement through aggression as he stated in mieng kamf he would “break the unjust terms of the treaty of versallies”. The memories of WW1 were still alive and Britain and France were disenchanted with the idea of using force to solve European disputes as they were economically. The feeling swept especially throughout Britain that the Treaty of Versailles had been too harsh, and Germany should be able to make some amendments to its more extreme elements. The British were not willing to go to war, nor prepared. However Appeasement regardless of the reason failed as it only encouraged Hitler. The result of the appeasement policy was that Britain and France did nothing more than diplomatically protest when Hitler violated the peace treaty. Hitler then announced to the world he was following a policy of re armnent in March 1935 by largely increased military manpower though conscription and announcing the creation of the Luftwaffe of 2500 planes. When British failed to react to as gemanany re armente her left he sent his army to the neutral Saar border region and to the demilitarized Rhine in march 1937 border region with clear orders to retreat immediately in case of French military response, but this never came. Realizing
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