What Debt, If Any, Did German Nazism Owe to Italian Fascism? Analyse the Similarities and Differences Between the Two Regimes.

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What debt, if any, did German Nazism owe to Italian Fascism? Analyse the similarities and differences between the two regimes. The First World War has resulted in revolutionary movements across the whole of Europe. The unstable situation did not omit Italy and Germany. In both countries the aftermaths of the war led to frustration amongst the society, economic and political crisis and as a result, to revolution. Although the scenario was similar in both countries, the background was slightly different. One of the basic differences was the fact that Italy is considered to be amongst the nations that won the war and Germany, who was also blamed for causing the war, was defended. The defence of Germany has resulted in a number of sanctions that were put on the country. Germans were forced to pay for various repairs across different country what inevitably caused damage to country’s economy. The instability across the nation has been consistently rising, and the ruling government had to resign. In Italy the dissatisfaction of the nation with the government has also been significant, especially taking into account the defeat at Ceporetto or the collapse of the economy, which over past years was based on manufacturing weapons and other equipment that was needed for participation in the war. Both in Italy and Germany people were desperate for a change, they needed economic growth and development. There were no jobs, poverty was spreading. Moreover, German and Italian nations are considered to be very proud, and the damaged reputation after the war has only increased the instability in those countries. Fascism in Italy has developed earlier than Nazism in Germany, therefore it is often believed that Nazism was to a great extent based on the Italian Fascism. The aim of this essay is to examine the way in which fascism has influenced Nazism by analysing the similarities
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