What Is The Role Of Anti Semitism In The Holocaust

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Judaism: The Holocaust Anti-Semitism has been a harsh reality for the Jewish community since the beginning of Judaism. The most extreme event throughout the history anti-Semitism is the Holocaust. The Holocaust refers to a period from 1933 to 1949, in which the regime of Hitler took over and began persecuting the Jewish population. It was in 1933 that Hitler, as leader of the Nazi party, was elected chancellor of Germany. Following World War I Germany fell in to a period of economic failure, famine, and social and political unrest. This period is what gave rise to the Nazi party, and their regime. The Nazi parties assault on the Jewish religion began with them blaming the Jews for all the perils that the country had gone through. As soon as Hitler gained power the German parliament was burned to the ground. This led to demise of the German democracy, and the dictatorship of Hitler, and the total control of the Nazi party. When the Nazi party gained full control the total accost on the Nazi party began with an attack of propaganda focused on slandering the Jewish people. Soon this propaganda furthered itself. The next step the Nazi regime took to push the Jews down was the institution of the Nuremburg laws. These laws were the most infamous of the anti-Jewish legislation, and were…show more content…
In nearly every country overrun by the Nazis, the Jews they were rounded up into ghettos or concentration camps and then gradually transported to the killing centers. The death camps were essentially factories for murdering Jews. The Germans shipped thousands of Jews to them each day. Fisher describes the way these people were treated in a very gripping way, the book states, “There they were starved, worked to death as slaves, tortured, “experimented on”, and/or shipped to extermination camps. Industrial-scale gas chambers were found to be the most efficient means of

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