Why Did Russia Enter World War 1 Research Paper

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Decline and Fall of the Romanovs Why did Russia enter World War 1? Russia entered World War One for many reasons. One was to come to the defence of its ally Serbia after it was attacked by Austria-Hungary because of an assasination believed to have been commited by Serbia. Another reason was when Germany declared War on the 1st of August 1914 for mobilizing its troops the day beforehand. The final reason was Russia’s involment in the Triple Entente, an loose agreement between Russia, France and the United Kingdom . Outline briefly Russia’s involvement in the way and its most significant military defeats. Russia entered World War 1 with the largest army in the world with a total force of over 5,000,000…show more content…
He soon became her confidant and personal adviser, and also convinced her to fill some governmental offices with his own handpicked candidates. Many of whom had loyalty to him and not to the Tsar What evidence is there for the total lack of support for the tsar in the period of 1916-1917? Despite miltarys successes in 1916, the Russian war effort is still characterised by shortages, poor command, death and desertion. Away from the front, the conflict causes starvation, inflation and a torrent of refugees. Both soldiers and civilians blame the defeats in the war and the growing crises on the home front on Tsar. Even the Tsars only army stated it wouldn’t support him if a revolution occurred. Explain the importance/significance of World War 1 to the downfall of the Tsar WWI was a very significant event on the rule of Tsar Nicholas 11. Although it initially bolstered his position, it then became a large factor that contributed to Nicholas’ downfall. The Country was ecstatic when the Tsar made the announcement that Russia was going to fight against Germany in WWI. Because of this, the concept of revolution became forgotten by many. In fact, the Tsar gained more followers as they regarded Germany as a great threat to the country. Never less, WWII exposed how inadequately Russia had been prepared for the war and how inadequate Nicholas II was to rule
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