What Caused Hitler to Become Popular?

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What caused the popularity of Hitler? So what was the thing that really made Hitler popular? There are two events that I think made popular. The events are: “The Great Depression” and “The Treaty of Versailles”. In the following paragraphs we will have a close look at both of the reasons or events that made Hitler popular. First I would like to start with “the Treaty of Versailles”. Treaty of Versailles was monumental in the rise of Adolf Hitler from a struggling military officer to Fuhrer of the Third Reich. It was the Treaty of the Versailles that made Hitler appears to stand against and remove all the things that were blamed on Germany. The Treaty of Versailles in the mind of the Germans stabbed them in the back, especially the guilt clause that made them take blame for the First World War. Hitler capitalized on these sentiments and used them to rally the German people for his own Nazi Party. This is made obvious in his books “Mein Kampf” and its unnamed sequel. Another example is found in Triumph of the Will, in one of the speeches made during the movie. Without the Treaty of Versailles Germany would not have been in bad shape to begin with, thus not needing Hitler and second without it, Hitler would have lost a major public relations tool. On the other hand, there was another event that also increased Hitler’s popularity. It was “The Great Depression”. As you know that Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany fled to Holland and a new government took over, there were many problems immediately. It was criticized by many people for signing the Treaty of Versailles. But worse was to come. Germany had to suffer bad harvest and rapid inflation. Germany’s currency became useless and many people’s life savings were lost and they had to pay massive reparations. In 1929, “The Great Depression” occurred and large number of people began to join the Party. Germany was already
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