World War 1 Outline

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World War I stats: world war 1 included, 3 continents, 31 countries, 65 mill soldiers, 37 casualties, 91,198 deaths by gas, 6395 allied and neutral ships lost, 186.3 bill financial loss. Some causes include, industrial revolution, militarism (Germany), nationalism(Serbia), alliancism(triple alliance). Immediate Cause: assassination of archduke Francis Ferdinand by gavrilo princip, June 28th, 1914 escalation: after the archduke was killed, a series of events was set in motion, to change the world. A-H(Austria- Hungary) declared was on Serbia Russia mobilized to aid Serbia. Germany aids A-H, declares was on Russia. France mobilizes to aid Russia. Germany declares war on France. Germany invades Belgium…show more content…
July 29, 1914 Russia orders full mobilization of its troops. August 1, 1914 Germany declares war on Russia. August 2, 1914 Germany demands Belgium declare access to German troops. 1914-1915 illusions and stalemates: many Europeans were exited about the war-”defend yourself against the aggressors”. Domestic differences were put aside. War would be over in a few weeks. Ignored the length and brutality of the American civil War. Belief that modern industrial war could not be conducted for more than a few months. “home by Christmas”. “fatal attraction of war”. Exhilarating release from every day life. Glorious adventure. War would rid the nation of selfishness. Spark a national re-birth based on heroism. Why did Britain Get Involved? Britain had ententes with France and Russia. Only “friendly agreements” but French and Russians given impression Britain would fight. The Schlieffen Plan. Britain's Reaction: 1838-UK had signed a Treaty to protect Belgium. Britain also scared of Germany controlling channel ports. Did not want Germany to defeat France and dominate Europe. Britain next? K issued ultimatum to Germany to withdraw troops from Belgium. War Declared August 4,
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