How Far Was Nicholas Ii Responsible for the Fall of the Romanovs in 1917?

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Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia and he abdicated in 1917 after the revolution, ending the Romanov dynasty. Nicholas II was seen as being responsible for the fall of Romanovs but there were many other factors which played a part in their fall. World War 1 was responsible for the fall of the Romanovs as the effects of a prolonged war proved to be overwhelming for the Russian Government and the people of Russia. Deaths and casualties by the millions, soaring inflation, hunger and deprivation were caused by the war and it was made worse by the incompetence of the Tsar. By January 1917 World War 1 (WW1) had left Russia in a critical state with over 1 million troops dead and 4 million wounded. Workers in the city were suffering and on the verge of starvation. The president of the Duma warned the Tsar that Russia was reaching a crisis point but Nicholas ignored the warnings. WW1 had set the scene for a revolution and had made the people of Russia resent the Tsar. The war caused anger in Russian society and anti-government feelings among the mass of the population. The Russian people saw the Tsar as an obstacle to military victories as he had made himself commander-in-chief and had gone to the front but this still didn’t ensure victory for the Russians. Many Russians had started blaming the Tsar for the loses they faced during the war as he was now in charge and they thought that he should been able to help them win but this was not the case. The prolonged war had made the Russian people angry with the Tsar and they began to doubt the Tsarist government and they blamed the Tsar for all that had gone wrong during the war. The First World War had cauThe incompetence of Nicholas II was partially responsible for the fall of the Romanovs but it was not entirely responsible and it was not as important as WW1 and just this factor alone would not have caused the revolution which
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